AND YET IT MOVES …Stories from our absurd world !

After ‘’Three men and a dog on a Rock’’ (Xlibris) and ‘’Heart to Heart from the Coach’’ (Xlibris)   French humourist writer Didier Lucien POPPE teams up again with his accomplice cartoonist Joël DUFOUR . With these “Short stories from our absurd world’’, they take the reader further on the path of humour.

So much further that all along the absurd stories, the comic situations and the crazy behaviours, it is sometimes difficult to see what is fiction and what is or could be reality. Everything seems now possible in a society who has lost its bearings. The more surprising being perhaps that in spite of all the aberrations and nonsenses of its human passengers , the Earth , our world , is still moving.

‘’ YET IT STILL MOVES’’ …and will moves…until the final ‘’BIG BANG !’’

These little stories just show how it is more and more difficult to survive the stupid orders, the dummy rules, the ridiculous situations, the imposed beliefs, the degenerate behaviours , the suicidal sciences, the manipulated informations, the useless wars, the artificial hierarchies , the quirky laws and the knife of the fanatic round the corner !

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