AUCKLAND, New Zealand – Published French author Didier Lucien Poppe returns to the literary limelight with the release of his first English translated book. In a blend of French and English humor, readers are invited to join the adventures of “Three Men and a dog on a Rock” (published by Xlibris).

The story follows the journey of three young friends and their dog in New Caledonia. To spend the holidays, they decided to experience different sporting activities. They try sailing, horse trekking, golfing, bowling, Pétanque, tennis, cycling, judo, fencing, wind surfing, rodeo, diving and many more. Always, of course, with more or less success and funny experiences. Concurrently, they also learn about the country’s history and some of the island’s French way of life. Their dog is itself is a very special character on his own. They make some funny experiences and comments that are relatable in today’s society.

Peppered with humor in every page, “Three Men and a dog on a Rock” tells a tale about friendship, sports and finding the best way to enjoy life. Poppe also describes that the book can be seen as a transposition (or suite) of the famous English classic “Three Men in a Boat’’ by J.K Jerôme — in a different time and different place, but in the same spirit.

“I want (readers) to have fun and spend a good time but also discover more about other people from other countries,” the author says. “I would like them to share this book with their friends and tell: Look this is funny and so true!”

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 266 pages | ISBN 9781796048339 Softcover | 6 x 9in | 266 pages | ISBN 9781796048322  E-Book | 266 pages | ISBN 9781796048315 Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble