Dsc 22 Daniel STAHL 71.37m technical analysis

The Swedish thrower is the actual world number 1 of the event for the men. Of course many people will say : ”Well this is quite normal , he is very tall (2,00m) , very big (155kg) , very strong”. It don’t think it is that simple as there are many other tall , big and strong people in the world and some of them are even throwing the discus. The fact is that Daniel STAHL can MOVE PROPERLY his big body and is able to perform quite a good technique with a great control of the most important points . Of course , to our view , some points could be still be improved and this is a rather good new for him as when there is room for improvement , there is room for even better performances. In fact , when you have already reached this level of performance , the problem is : ”HOW CAN I IMPROVE NOW ?”. Should he try to get even stronger ? Will that work or be negative ? Can he go faster ? Is it possible to improve your reactive strength and speed without getting injured when your body weight is already so heavy ? Are there other ways to improve the delivery speed ? Daniel and his coach ‘s objective is to go for the world record of Jûrgen SCHULT (74,08m) …less than 3m away …with a bit of luck and a good wind , why not ! Available documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 8 pages technical analysis photo sequence 71,37m -2-Vid 1 Technical video analysis 71,37m

daniel STAHL 71.37m tech analysis
Daniel STAHL 71.37m video analysis