Dsc 43 Mykolas ALEKNA 67.68m : his father’s son !

Dogs are not making cats – Les chiens ne font pas des chats ” (the apple does not fall far from the tree) is a French popular saying …and it describes quite well the ALEKNA family where the discus are falling further and further with the young (19y) Mykolas following the track (and the trajectories) left by his father Virgilius , one of the very best all time discus throwers in the world (PB 73,88m only 20cm short from the world record). Recently ALEKNA n*2 has got a 67.68m PB with the 2kg implement . Aconsiderable performance at this age . Of course no surprise that his technique is already at the top of the elite throwers standards . Now the generation’s race is on : how long will it take to ALEKNA 2 to surpass ALEKNA 1 ? Available documents : 1-Tech 1 (registered visitors) Mykolas ALEKNA 67,68m photo sequence . 2-Tech 2 (members) Photo sequence commented actions and postures 3-(registered visitors) Vid 1 Mykolas ALEKNA 67.68m Video analysis 4-Vid 2 Mykolas ALEKNA 68.73m new record Video from Gerlof Holkema -5- Tech 3 PDF 1 page Mykolas ALEKNA photo sequence 68.73m Courtesy of Gerlof Holkema

Mykolas ALEKNA 67.68m Postures and actions
Mykolas ALEKA 67.68m Vidéó analysis