Dsc 49 ELITE vs ESPOIR: Mykolas ALEKNA vs Etienne ROUSSEAU

One always wants to compare with the champions. And this is right . But compare doesn’t mean copy or try to become some sort of clone. Of course the champion is ”stronger”,  more experienced , has a better technique and is better prepared. On can compare the technical points one by one like we are doing in this document and can find several things which explain why one is faster , better coordinated and better performing than the other. But you need to go further than the simple comparison and ”UNDERSTAND” the reasons of things. Why does he do this or that ? What are his biomechanical options ? How does he combine them ? Once you have been able to find some answers to these questions , you can move to the next step and ask yourself more questions : Is that going to be good for me ? Can I DO the same thing ? Does it risk to bring me into more problems ? . For the coach who has the chance to work with already a good athlete , the more he progresses , the more it is difficult to progress , to ”SEE” more and more sophisticated details , to BE ABLE to sort what is important , what is less important , or what is likely to set the athlete’s mind into trouble. One has to to accept and to manage  his difference. There is no recipe to throw the discus as there are for cooking but the best coaches are like the best chefs : they are able to add their personal touch and get the best out of ordinary products.

ALEKNA vs ROUSSEAU Technical comparative analysis