Dsc 53 Mykolas ALEKNA 71.03m in the 70m club

It was certainly ”expected” but it came already right at the beginning of the season . Certainly not a ”lucky” or a ”windy” throw , but a good great solid technique . Probably one of the best we have seen since most discus coaches ”technical model” was Wolfgang SCHMIDT.

Great techniques always looks ”easy” and this is the general impression given by this throw of Mykolas ALEKNA : fluidity and easiness .In fact he his not ”throwing” the discus but the discus goes naturally out of him at the end of some sort of dancing step !!!

Available documents : 1-PDF 5 pages 71.03m commented photo sequence and technical analysis .2- Original video of the 71.03m throw…3-Video analysis

Mykolas ALEKNA 71.03m Technical analysis
Mykolas ALEKNA 71.03m Video analysis