Dsc 54 ALEKNA vs ALEKNA A family resemblance ?

This are documents which I really wanted to do since some time and the result is rather surprising . Of course it is a bit unfair to compare the best throw from Mykolas at 71m to a rather ordinary throw from Virgilius at 66m+.But we needed to have a decent picture quality . Anyways other better throws by Virgilius  (and there are many !) do confirm most of the technical points we have noted and do not change the overall result of the comparison.

Quite surprisingly , Mykolas , the son , is not a technical ”clone” of Virgilius,  the father . They are in fact VERY different.Virgilius is certainly one of the best discus throwers ever in the discus throw history …but when we look at this document , it is clear (at least for me) that, technically , the son is better than his father …much better !  His postures in the key phases are better , his range of motion are better , his right foot pivoting , left side blocking , delivery are better . He is also obviously faster ! . I would just give a point to Virgilius concerning the left foot pivot and the right leg swing.

Of course you don’t need to be a ”technical model” to throw far (and even VERY far) and this is the huge merit of Virgilius !  That will possibly come from his mental strength and fitness level , and we would like to have more information to extend the comparison in this area.

Anyways , what a great and exciting experience is this generation’s competition. All the discus fans are waiting for a ”happy end” of the story and see if the young ALEKNA will get the Alekna’s family discus record …and probably the world record in the process !!!

Available documents : 1-PDF 6 pages technical comparison commented photo sequences – 2-Video technical comparison and mobile photo sequence.

Alekna vs Alekna technical analysis
Alekna vs Alekna technical video analysis