Dsc 56 The chase : hunting the Jürgen SCHULT World record 74.08m

The men’s discus world record , 74.08m by Jürgen SCHULT , is holding since 1986 , 37 years ago ! it was approached by only 20cm in 2000 by Virgilius ALEKNA and by 70cm in 2006 by Gerd KANTER. Since the shot put record by Randy BARNES has finally been beaten after 32 years , it could be expected that the discus record is next on the list to fall as the event is booming with already 5 throwers this year over the 70m symbolic line . Of course there is still quite a gap between 70 or 71m and a throw over 74m , let’s say 75m , but , among these 5 throwers there are two , Mykolas ALEKNA and Kristjan CEH , who are young (21 and 24 years) and exceptionally gifted . Considering that the maturation in the discus throw happens usually quite late (30 years +) , it can be expected that one of these days , one of their throws will ”catch” a ”good” wind and fly further than anybody has done before . Out these 2 , we cannot exclude a bunch of very good throwers who can also have their word to say and a good day !

In these exceptional documents we make a review of these ”record hunters” with original documents  – A PDF with 23 pages of so far unpublished photo sequences about the top five 70m throwers of this season – Daniel STAHL – Kristjan CEH – Alex ROSE – Lukas WEISSHAIDINGER – Mykolas ALEKNA , some statistics etc… Also to come will be related videos

The chase to SCHULT world record technical documents
Mykolas ALEKNA 70.87m video analysis
Mykolas ALEKNA 70.87m mobile photo sequence
Daniel STAHL 70.38m Mobile photo sequence
Kristjan CEH Mobile photo sequence
Lukas WEISSHAIDINGER Mobile photo sequence