Dsc 55 Mélina ROBERT MICHON : The French discus touch !

If French discus thrower Mélina ROBERT MICHON had been British , she would very likely have been already knighted by the Queen and to be called ‘’Dame ROBERT MICHON’’. In France people don’t get knighted anymore , they are usually given a ‘’Légion d’honneur’’ which is rather given to anyone those days. This does not prevent the fact that Mélina ROBERT MICHON is a true ‘’Dame’’ of athletics , not only for France , but internationally.  Her last achievement has been to have still succeeded to achieve the astonishing performance of 65.49m , (less than 1.5m from her PB ) when well into her 43y . Mélina’s career is certainly exemplary and is not without similarities with the one , quite unique , of Dame Valérie ADAMS   . But it is also remarkable concerning her technical mastery which make her be , to our mind , the best in the world using the full blocking technique . in fact , she is the best ”striker” of the women world discus scene. this could explain the consistency of her performances an her longevity. She will be still there in Paris 2024 , for her 7th Olympics (!!!) and whatever her result will be , she wil already have deserved much more recognition than any medal.

Available documents : 1- Robert Michon Technical analysis PDF 14 pages with 3 photosequences  2- Robert Michon 66.73m Olympic silver TV video – 3-Robert Michon 66.21m Bronze world champs 2017 -4-Robert Michon ”I will persist until I succeed” U Tube vidéo -5-Robert Michon technical model U tube video – 6-Robert Michon 66.73m technical analysis (Throws university) -7-Robert Michon in St priest en 2009 Exclusive DLP.com

ROBERT MICHON Technical Analysis
ROBERT MICHON technical analysis
ROBERT MICHON 2009 in St Priest
ROBERT MICHON 66.73m Olympic silver