Jav 28 Marcin KRUKOVSKI 89.55m Technical analysis

Poland has always been a country of good throwers in all the throwing events. In the javelin throw they are nevertheless still looking for the successor of the legend Janusz SIDLO . At 29 years of age Marcin KRUKOWSKI is not exactly a ”young” thrower after having broken the 80m line already 9 years ago and set a promising 88,09m PB in 2017. But 2021 could be HIS year as he seems one of the rare world class throwers to be able to challenge the German domination of the event . His recent 89,55m new Poland record is not completely a surprise and it would not be a surprise again if he would get over the symbolic 90m line. At the first look , his throwing technique appears to be quite similar to Johannes VETTER’s . In fact , if there are evident similarities in the approach run up , the ”banging down” of the blocking left leg and the diving recovery , KRUKOWSKI has still a very ”polish” approach of the throw with relatively little , if any , lateral deviation , especially in the delivery . In the PDF 10 pages technical analysis document , we have included some comparisons between the 2 best performers of the moment before Tokyo Olympics . Available documents : 1-Tech 2 Krukowski Technical analysis 89,55m 5 pages sample (Visitors) -2-tech 4 Krukowski Technical analysis 89,55m PDF 10 pages full document (Members) -3-Vid 1 Krukoswki Video technical Analysis 89,55m -4- Vid 2 Krukowski 89,55m serie (original video)