Jav 29 Kuortane 2022 CHOPRA 86.79m – VETTER 93.59m- WALCOTT 89.12m

World class javelin throwing again in Kuortane (26-06-2021) , the ”Mecca” of javelin throw . The German Johannes VETTER was again well ahead of the opposition and used the opportunity to break the meet record with another huge throw at 93,59m . The good surprise came from the London Olympic 2012 champion Keshorn WALCOTT who made a promising come back with a great 89,12m season best . The third was the Neeraj CHOPRA from India who is also one of the contenders for the Tokyo Olympics javelin medals. 3 great throwers but quite different technical approaches. The first technical evidence is that all three have incredible left legs as ”you throw the javelin not with your right arm but with your left leg !!!” . Most people will be impressed by the actual ”mode” of the ”diving” recovery , but if you look closer , there is ”diving and diving” …And the best thrower , Johannes VETTER is a great example that you have first to finish your throw completely with a full support of your blocking left side before literally ”rebounding” over this left leg . this is what I have always called the ”active” blocking by opposition to the ”passive” full blocking (Walcott) where you don’t go so fast but try to stop as completely as possible to transfer the forces into the implement. so ”diving” should be a consequence , not a technical objective ! Available documents : 1-Tech 0 PDF 7 pages (sample for visitors) VETTER 93,59m -2-Tech 2 PDF 25 pages comparative technical analysis VETTER 93,59m WALCOTT 89,12m CHOPRA 86,79m-5 -Vid 1 VETTER 93,59m Mobile photo sequence -6-Vid 2 WALCOTT 89,12m Mobile photos sequence- 7-Vid 3 CHOPRA 86.79m Mobile photo sequence -8-Vid 4 VETTER 93,59m Video Analysis -9-Vid 5 CHOPRA 86,79m Video Analysis 10-Vid 6 WALCOTT 89,12m Video Analysis –