Dsc 11 Comparison 3 young NZL throwers PARKINSON-CALLISTER-ULUFONUA

This is a coaching document comparing the technique of 3 good young discus throwers : Richard CALLISTER (PB 1,5kg 52,72m) , Sam ULUFONUA (PB 1,5kg 58,47m) , Alexander PARKINSON (PB 1,75kg 47,85m) . At the time CALLISTER had the best technique but a relatively ”small” morphology at 1,85m and 83kg. ULUFONUA was the strongest and competed at the DONETSK world youth champ not making it to the final and finally went to play rugby. PARKINSON , the tallest (2,03m) was finally the only one to reach the international senior level, throwing a recent PB at 60,86m and going for more. It is easy in this commented photo sequences document to see some of the most common faults coaches have to identify and work on with ”advanced” beginners