Dsc 35 Kuortane 2021 CEH 70.35m STAHL 70.55m PETTERSSON 67.39m

Kuortane , the usual Mecca of the javelin throwers was this year the promised land of the discus throwers . The first time since many years that 2 throwers were going over the 70m mark and it was certainly so far the best competition of the season and the promise of a great battle to come for the next Tokyo Olympics . The top 3 in Kuortane : Daniel STAHL 70,55m , Kristjan CEH 70,35m and Simon PETTERSSON 67,39m being very possibly to be on the Tokyo’s podium …but in which order ??? In this comparative technical analysis , it is interesting to see that , in spite of apparently having at 90% the same technique , there are noticeable differences for the ”experts” to talk about and try to explain why is this one doing that and the other not. Of course one has to be able to see what is really a ”technical” difference based on some bio mechanical option or what just belongs to the individual ”style” of the athletes without having real consequence on the performance. As a matter of fact we would roughly say that Kristjan CEH , the tallest , is trying to make good use of his long levers and is looking for postures and range , Daniel STAHL , the biggest and strongest, is going for a solid stable technique to allow for a powerful delivery and Simon PETTERSSON , the ”lightest” and ”smallest” , is somehow forced to try to go for more speed . An interesting challenge and examples of the adaptation of the technique to the specificity of the thrower. Available documents : -1-Tech 1 PDF 5 pages Technical comparizon (Sample for visitors) -2-Tech 2 lev 4 PDF 10 pages Technical comparizon (Full document for members) -3-Vid 1 Kristjan CEH mobile photo sequence -4-Vid 2 Daniel STAHL Mobile photo sequence -5-Vid 3 Simon PETTERSSON Mobile photo sequence -6-Vid 4 Kristian CEH 70,35m Video Analysis -7-Vid 5 Daniel STAHL 70,55m Video analysis -8-Vid 6 Simon PETTERSSON 67,39m Video Analysis . (Document made out of original videos copies curtesy of Fred Hugenell)

Stahl Ceh Pettersson comparative analysis
Kristjan CEH 70.35m mobile photo sequence
Simon PETTERSSON 67.39m mobile photo sequence
Daniel STAHL 70.55m mobile photo sequence
Kristjan CEH 70.35m video analysis
Simon PETTERSSON 67.39m video analysis
daniel STAHL 70.55m video analysis