Sht 01 RANKING CHITAR and the full blocking delivery

This is an interesting technical question ! Nearly ALL the rotational throwers use a jumping delivery and for 90% of them , it is in fact a ”Rotational/jumping” delivery . Bio mechanically this is quite arguable because some rotational forces are not transferred into the implement for lack of left side blocking . Of course the fact to achieve a suspension will create more forces into the vertical component and this can compensate for this loss , depending on the type of throwers. Jacko GILL was the first to achieve a successful compromise between rotation/translation with a true left side blocked delivery and suspension reverse achieving a FULL transfer of forces into the implement . Unfortunately , the habit to ”copy the champion” made that most of the throwers tried to copy the American mastodons and play the game of strength escalation instead of looking for a better quality of transfer. Ryan CROUSER may be the only one with a real ”efficient” delivery , using his tall morphology. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE TO GO FURTHER than Jacko GILL and try for a FULL BLOCKING (Like can be often seen in the discus) . Mechanically , on the paper , it is right . Technically , inside the circle , it may be another story. Anyways it is not forbidden to try , like is doing this New Zealand young girl Natalia RANKIN CHITAR (15 years 10 months) with this 15,22m PB throw with 3kg using a rotational technique with full blocking delivery ! Very impressive ! Available documents : Tech PDF 7 pages commented photo sequence – Vid1 Video technical analysis

Rankin Chitar full blocking analysis
Rankin Chitar video analysis