Sht 06 Translation Ana PO’ UHILA 18.03m Albertville 2008 Tech analysis

Ana PO UHILA , a Tongian athlete expatried in New Zealand represented her country at three Olympics and quite a number of World and Oceania championships , she could have been the best female shot putter in this part of the world during many years but had to make a career in the shadow of Dame Valerie ADAMS . She started her athletics career as a …hurdler and moved to the throwing events after an unsuccessful and painful taste at weightlifting . She was the first athlete of her country to achieve the Olympic standards and peaked during a tour in France with a throw of 18,03m in Albertville in 2008 and with this performance she is still ranked top 3 in NZL all time. Ana , like Valerie , was still using the glide technique and it can been seen in this video analysis of her PB throw how good her technique was with excellent positions at the different phases and a start which could be a model for coaches and athletes still interested by the glide . Without recurrent knee problems developed before she went to throwing (She could not train any squatting or bounding !) , she would have possibly been a 19m + thrower.

Po Uhila 17.79m Amiens Video analysis
Po uhila 18.03m Albertvill video analysis