Sht 23 DONGMO 19.27m Portugal record technical analysis

A glider is back in the lead of the women 2020 world ranking , thanks to Auriol DONGMO who broke her PB and the Portugal record with a throw of 19,53m that we are analyzing here. Auriol , 1,83m weight 98kg , was first representing Cameroun , her native country, until she moved to Portugal . Her previous PB was 19,27m in June this year and 18,37m in 2017 . In spite of being 30y old , she looks like a new comer at this level as this is quite a big progression after 5 years where she was more often in the 17m range. There can be a few reasons that we don’t know for this sudden move. The fact is that she has a VERY GOOD linear technique as can be seen in the documents we made out of U tube videos . It will be interesting to see if the glide technique will fight a better rear guard battle on the women shot put scene than on the men where it has been near completely replaced by the rotational technique. Available documents : -1- Tech 1 PDF 8 pages with photo sequence and technical analysis 19,53m -2-Vid 1 Same throw


DONGMO 19.53m Technical analysis
DONGMO 19.53m Video analysis