Sht 42 My favourite conditioning exercises : 1- The arms

I have published on U tube some years ago a 4 parts series about shot put specific conditioning exercises . the 4 parts are : 1-The legs -2-The trunk -3-The arms and 4-Mixed exercises . I has been obviously successful and well received internationally with some 500 000 views in total of the 4 parts. In these chapters , these videos and exercises are just a bit adapted with a new format but , of course, the content has not changed and is still of value for any coach or athlete facing the problem of conditioning . I have since developed or experimented more exercises and more variations and they will be found in some other parts of this blog. But remember that picking the best exercises is just a part of the whole training process . To be more efficient , exercises have to be combined together as they are interacting . And the whole story of training is not about following ”recipes” or copying this one or this other one , but about making your own combination , the one most adapted to the specificity of a particular athlete. In these videos clips you will recognize Dame Valerie ADAMS , Uwe HOHN , Jarrod BANNISTER , Johan SMALBERGER , Jacko GILL , Anna PO UHILA , Mele TEREAPII, Erwan CASSIER , Damian SMUTS and quite a few others …All high performance athletes and coaches in action !!! . The 1st part is about ”THE ARMS”. Many people believe that once they do bench press and get a big PB . that will be OK . Unfortunately it is not that simple and ”pumping iron” in a quite comfortable lying on the back position will sometimes just give you big arms and a big chest …just good for ”the look” . In fact you can do a lot of things with your arms to make them stronger , faster and more adapted to the throws demands . Most people forget (Or ignore) that you can do plyometrics , isometry or eccentric work with your arm . In the following documents you will have an overvieew of what you can do and how for your arms’ strength development. Available documents : 1- Vid 1 The arms exercises part 1A -2-Vid 2 The arms exercises part 1B -3- Vid 3 The arms exercises part 1C -4-Vid 4 The arms exercises part 1D

Shot put conditioning The arms part 1
Shot put conditioning The arms part 2
Shot put conditioning The arms part 3
Shot put conditioning The arms part 4