Sht 46 Etienne ROUSSEAU vs …Etienne ROUSSEAU

We have already mentioned several times this young (18 years) discus / shot put thrower from Perth (Australia) . So far we know that he is going to be good at throwing SOMETHING , but we (or rather he) have not decided exactly what : discus or shot (see preceding chapters) . This time it was the shot when he started the 1st competition of the Australian 2021-2022 season with quite a big PB . Throwing the 6kg at 16,71m when his previous PB was 15.97m . This takes him into the lead of the national U20 Australian 2021 rankings . Of course it is good ,but it was far to a perfect throw as can be seen on this analysis , and this is rather a good new when you know that there is room for technical improvement . In this analysis , we made a comparison between a former near PB throw in march at 15,87m and this new performance . In the same stadium and the same circle ! There are indeed some obvious changes over 6 months. The challenge will be now about being able to produce and manage more speed , not only the overall speed of the throw , but to be able to produce more accelerations at the right times and of course in the delivery. And with the challenge comes a question : Will Etienne throw well over 18m in 2022 ? Available document : 1-Vid 1 Etienne ROUSSEAU vs Etienne ROUSSEAU technical comparison 15.87m and 16.71m.

A good way to start the 2022 season for the 18 years old Etienne ROUSSEAU with a New PB and Western Australia U20 record at 17.55m . Previous PB was 16.71m since September 2021. Thanks to her parents who could video all the throws of the competition (4 throws over 17m) , we could make these documents and a detailed analysis of this throw , also compared to his previous PB . Of course Etienne is logically aiming now not only to break the 18m line but also to achieve the Australian standards (18.20m) to be eventually selected for the next world U20 champs . Available documents : 1- Tech Lev 1 PDF 11 pages Photo sequences analysis from back and from side – Comparison with previous PB – Timing of the phases – Main technical problem identified – 2-Video Analysis of the 17.55m throw – 3-Video of the 6 attempts ….

Etienne ROUSSEAU 17.55m technical analysis
Rousseau vs ROUSSEAU tech video analysis
Rousseau 17,55m Video analysis