Sht 50 Rolf OSTERREICH the ”stolen” world record ?

TAKE CARE ! this is probably one of the most incredible stories which has happened in athletics . until 2 or 3 years ago , like probably most of thge people , I did not know anything about Rolf OSTERREICH until I discovered the story , thank to a FB post from Gerlof HOLEMA . At first I was believing it was a ”fake” , but no , Rolf OSTERREICH , a shot putter from the former DDR (east German democratic republic) has existed inthe years 70 . So well existed that he has even beaten the world record of the time (22.00m by Aleksandr BARYSCHNIKOW in Colombes (But still well after the famous 22.86m by Brian OLDFIELD , also officially cancelled because achieved in a ”professionals” competition. – Quite farcical when you see how things are going nowadays !) . .But why was this record by OSTERREICH not recognised and why was he after that litterally banned from the DDR high performance . And there starts a somber story about politics , ”officials” , medicals at communist party orders . Also all sorts of calumnies , falsification or theft of documents etc…One remember at the same time the more mediatised story of another East german thrower Wolfgang SCHMIDT who was even put into jail before ”escaping” to the USA. Rolf OSTERREICH has not been put into jail , but he was forbidden to compete in the national championships , excluded from the national team for the 1976 Olympics , fired from his coaching position when all his actual and previous performances and records were simply ignored and even deleted from the archives . , it is only after the fall of the Berlin wall , when it could be possible to have access to the STASI archives (STASI was the secret police of the DDR) , that Rolf OSTERREICH could understand the hidden side of the conspiration and who whas been pulling the strings of this incredible story behind the scene. but it his performance has finally been recognised at some stage in the all time world rankings , the stolen world record is lost for ever and will never be ratified when the documents and reports have disappeared.. But , and this may be the most incredible in this story , Rolf OSTERREICH was a completely atypical thrower . Is it possible to imagine , when one see the actual big guys ruling the event that a small fellow of only 1.81m tall and 99kg body weight could have been able to throw 22.11m with the 7kg shot , more than 45 years ago !!! In fact Rolf OSTERREICH was also a disregarded pioneer of the rotational technique . a true autodidact , who was also a discoverer concerning the conditioning preparation methods to develop the explosive power with little body weight increase. Medthods which could look quite revolutionary at the time but which , even now , can be what we have found to be the most efficient in the prepartion of throwers in comparison with the simple ”pumping iron” philosophy. and the utopic search for bigger and bigger maximal forces . Available documents: 1- Visitors  PDF 4 first pages article Torsten HUELSEMANN 2- PDF 14 pages Adaptation of an article from Torsten UELSEMANN 3-Tech 3 Photo sequence of Rolf OSTERREICH -4-Vid 1 Video from Gerlof HOLKEMA about the Rolf OSTERREICH’s case . 5-Article Tagesspiegel by Sven GOLDMANN  ….en cours