Sht 66 Jacko GILL 2024 vs Jacko GILL 2023 Coaching Observations

 This is a high performance coaching document . After the great season opening by Jacko GILL throwing a 2nd best ever at 22,07m , the idea came to us to compare this throw to his last year 22.12m performance , still his PB. Having the privilège to watch nearly every day Jacko training at the Millenium Auckland , I know how he is incredibly meticulous and dedicated in his training , with great support of his parents and girl friend . Jacko is always open to discussions and we have often discussed (and most of the time agreed) several of the points he was working on . Especially this year. In fact in the last years , with 3 different coaches  , there have been nearly yearly changes not only in technical options but also in the conditioning approach. Some not appropriate , copying other throwers but leading to stagnation , some a bit better or back to what was his specificity in the early times of his career.  So we have now the new 2024 version of his technical evolution . As having been his ”development coach” with some relatively original ideas , I am now much more in agreement with the new turn of his present approach . We are back to lower and better legs postures and faster right/left landing. With thousands of training throws , Jacko has now a huge experience and a remarkable control if his body. Can he still become a 23m thrower ? (like we were all thinking he would some 10 years ago)  , hopefully yes and this 2024 Paris Olympic year is just the right time for it !

Available documents : 1-PDF 8 pages commented comparative photo sequence Jacko GILL 2023 (22.12m) and 2024 (22.07m)   2-Vid 1  Video comparative and simultaneous analysis GILL 2023 22,12m and GILL 2024 (22,07m)  3-Original video GILL 22,12m 2023    4-Original video GILL 22,07m 2024

GILL 2024 vs GILL 2023 comparative analysis
GILL 2024 vs GILL 2023 Comparative video analysis