Ham 41 From the hammer throw to astro-physics : Centaine NOOM DUCKWORTH

As already mentioned in another chapter (see French Div 20 – to be translated into English ASAP) , throwers have been always fighting the law of gravity to try to send diverses implements as far as possible. They can be compared to satellite launchers , unfortunately the ”satellites” they throw have short flying times and distances and cannot escape the Earth’s attraction….but they are still trying !  Centaine has been trying like any of them but she has gone a lot further in the observation of flying objects by getting interested in astro physics . And there she is now with a scholarship at the Drake University to keep throwing the hammer …and in the same time throwing pages of equations and calculs to become a scientist . Quite a symbolic and rare achievement in a thrower’s career indeed !

We can only wish her full success in these two activities . The following documents will show that she is doing quite well in the hammer technique and can expect to become a 60m thrower in a short time !


NOOM DUCKWORTH Technical analysis
NOOM DUCKWORTH From Hammer throw to astro physics