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The Canadian Ethan KATZBERG did create the biggest surprise at the last world championships in Budapest.His atypical morphology generated a lot of gossip among the insiders circles. But now , we are not anymore at the time of surprises …but at the times of records since , at only 22 years of age , he has just achieved a 84.38m throw (And that was not a ”lucky” throw as can be attested the 80m + serie of throws)  . This gets him in the 9th all times position of the best world performers, at ”only” 2.36m from the fabulous world record by Yuri SEDYKH . Of course , a few others have already approached this mythical mark (Not forgetting the 86.04m of  Serguey LITVINOV 1 , during the same period ) , but nobody this young and with this incredible progression.

The most curious is perhaps that Ethan and his actual coach Dylan Armstrong , (ex shot put world champion )  have greatly benefited from a certain Anatolyi BONDARTCHUK advices . The supreme authority in hammer throwing and former coach of …Yuri SEDYKH . What a surprise !

Suddenly , one understands better but people would like to know if the good doctor , when expatriating to Canada , has taken with him a few little secrets or recipes about the specific preparation of the athletes since a few datas announced about Ethan physical abilities (Who is only 107kg for 1.98m tall) leave the ”specialists” a bit skeptical when they are used to count in hundreds of kilos of lifted iron and huge maximal forces to estimate the potential of a thrower.  Ethan doesn’t fit at all in the picture and this is quite disturbing !

In any case , the suite promises to be quite interesting at a time where , Olympic games oblige , the hunt for world records (Especially those of the Belle époque of the doping times who were believed to be unreachable ) has been opened by Mykolas ALEKNA in the men’s discus .


Available documents : 1-PDF 15 pages Ethan KATZBERG 84.38m Technical analysis – Photo sequences – Strong points of Katzberg’s techniqueg – Katzberg technical model : Delivery   2-PDF 5 pages partiel document for visitors  3- Video U tube World athletics   4-Video Facebook USC throws    5-Video Budapest 2023   6-PDF Article The Canadian Press   7-PDF Article 5 fun facts about KATZBERG  (Caela FETON)

KATZBERG 84.38m technical analysis