Ham 44 BUDAPEST world champs 2023 HAMMER Men

Everybody was expecting a remake from Poland vs USA  , but the US were again out classed and down by several metres on their best performances . That would have left the way free for NOWICKI , a logical favourite , and in fact ,NOWICKI was throwing solidly again over 81m to take the lead in the 4 and 5th round after his countryman FAJEK 80m opener throw . The local Bence HALACZ , supported by the crowd , was looking to be the most dangerous opposant after a 80,82m throw…BUT…a warning signal had been sent during the qualification with the ”surprising” throw of 81.18m but the Canadian Ethan KATZBERG , only 21 years old,  but 1.98m tall for only 105kg , a so far rather ”unknown” 78m range thrower. People were tempted to consider this as ”a lucky throw” . It was not ! There are no lucky throws in the hammer throw where the wind plays  a little role in the overall performance. And Ethan sent a second warning shot right in his first attempt with a 80.18m opening throw followed by a third at 80.02m. And he finally hit the target and the gold metal in his 5th attempts with a new 81.25m PB . People will talk about that . Is it the beginning of a new morphology model for the hammer throwers ? For me , it is clear that a long guy with long arms , able to go very fast and block , will always throw farther than a strong guy with big thighs and big arms . Something to think about !   You had to throw 74.56m to make the top 12 final and 76.04m to make top 8 and 80m was not enough to get a medal ! Great competition.

Available documents : -1- Hammer men final full competition 25′ video quality 480 -2-Hammer men final 1st round HD -3-Hammer men final 2nd round HD -4-Hammer men final 3rd round HD -5-Hammer men final 4th and 5th rounds HD -6-Hammer men final 6th round HD

To come later -7-Hammer men qualification A -8-Hammer men qualification B

BUDAPEST 2023 HAMMER men final complete quality 480
BUDAPEST 2023 HAMMER men final round 2 HD
BUDAPEST 2023 HAMMER men final round 3 HD
BUDAPEST 2023 HAMMER men final Rounds 4 and 5 HD
BUDAPEST 2023 HAMMER men final 6th round HD