Jav 06 ”Hit the flags” exercises

One can do a very efficient technical training without throwing like a machine gun and without risk to injury your elbow …and nevertheless achieve a great number of throws at high intensity in a minimum of time. The secret ? You just need a few sector flags which will create the air resistance at the moment you hit (You can vary the number of flags to change the resistance) . The throwing path is easy for the coach to watch and the athlete will have fun trying to make the biggest noise (A bit like the whistling of the vortex , but technically better). Out of that it will be a great teaching help for kids and beginners ! And , cherry on the cake , you can also use all sorts of different approach speeds …and you are not going to hit anybody crossing the throws area or to be yelled after by the ground keeper for doing holes in the soccer field lawn . Of course you can also use that for warming up when there is no field allowed for the throwers ..and…last …but not least , on can also exercise at home in case of Coronavirus pandemic !!! Demonstration are done by Teura TUPAIA (Tah-Fra) French U20 champion – Stephanie WRATHALL (NZL) NZL sen champion – Barry HOLLY (NZL) NZL U18 champion.

Hit the flags compilation of exercises