Jav 51 SOLA POWER 2024 New javelin track successful opening with international throwers

The SOLA POWER throws meet has grown to become one of the best competitions of the New Zealand athletics season and certainly the BEST ”rendez vous” for the throwers . Now it has reached another level with the official opening of a brand new javelin track . International throwers from Japan , France , Samoa set the first track records . There will be more to come in the next years and some trees on the opposite side of the field will not like it and be in great danger . For the moment , the ”free” landing field allows throws in the 83m range , still a relatively rare performance in the country but …you have to expect everything at the SOLA POWER meets !

The opening competition was won by the French Felise VAHAI SOSAIA with a 75.24m season best performance and the first national record was beaten by the Samoan thrower Donny TUIMASEVE who broke not only the Samoan record but also the 70m line for the 1st time with a 70.97m performance . The former NZL javelin champion Ben LANGTON BURNELL was 3rd , returning after several years of forced retirement and still looking good with a 64.76m performance . The women event was won by Sae TAKEMOTO from Japan with 53.18m.

It was a good opportunity to make some interesting documents

Available documents : 1-Video comparison Felise VAHAI SOSAIA – Donny TUIMASEVE – Ben LANGTON BURNELL  -2-Competition throws VAHAI SOSAIA   3-Competition throws Donny TUIMASEVE  4-(On the making) Competition throws Ben LANGTON BURNELL  -5-(On the making) Competition throw Caleb SOLA  -6-(On the making) Competition throw Sae TAKEMOTO

Sola power 2024 Javelin men comparatif video
Sola power Javelin Felise VAHAI SOSAIA Serie
Sola Power Javelin TUIMASEVE serie and Samoa record
Sola Power 2024 Javelin Langton BURNELL