Jav 52 Max DEHNING 90.20m 19y : The last 90m model made in Germany !

That could be quite discouraging for those who are so hard working and struggling to improve their PBs by a few cm here and there with the dream to be able one day to reach the javelin throw symbolic 80m line . Breaking a PB by 11m sometimes happens for a beginner in the 30-40m range , but it is an absolute rarity to improve by so much when you are already a 79m thrower and become in the time of ONE competition a 90.20m top élite thrower , world leader and new European U23 record holder. In fact it has never been seen before.

All javelin throwers and coaches in the world must have been thinking the same thing and asking themselves the same question ”How can this be possible ?” . If there was not the evidence of the videos we have used in this chapter , all sorts of doubts and suspicion would have probably arisen.

In the German javelin ”industry”, people are more familiar with the big throws . Out of the 24 athletes in the world who have broken the 90m with the 1986 NN javelin, 6 are German ..,.and we are not forgetting those who achieved the same distance with the ”flying javelin” including the longest ever human throw 104.80m by Uwe HOHN ! But this time , the guy is only just 19 years and missed the world but hardly 2 months !

So people are asking questions and want to find answers , a fortiori when , after looking at the videos , there is no reason to be especially excited by the technical side of the performance . There are a few things about which the javelin experts are certainly scratching their heads.

But one thing is obvious , this big throw remind us about the priority to be given to the ”striking power” in all throwing performances.  Technical ”masturbation” can become negative . Yes , you need to have a decent technique to perform , but it is like in formula 1 racing ,  technique maybe the driving wheel of the throw but at the end the car with the most powerful motor is most likely to win !

Available documents :  1-PDF 9 pages DEHNING 90.20 Technical analysis photo sequences  -2-DEHNING 90.20m throw original video from the right side  -3-DEHNING 90.20m throw original video from the left site  -4-DEHNING 90.20m video from Instagram



DEHNING 90,20m technical analysis