Jav 07 Comparison HATTESTADT vs MANJANI

The Norvegian Trine HATTESTADT (ex World record holder and Olympic / World champion – PB 69.48m) was the best world female thrower at the end of the last millenium. Mirela MANJANI from Greece/Albania PB 67,51m, was her rival and also hold the World record for a while with the new 600g implement . There cannot be two more different throwers , not only in styles but also in the technical options. HATTESTADT has a very ”Nordic” style based on a fast run up and a great hop and block , MANJANI is very upright and has little trunk rotation , facing the direction of the throw , she is certainly not my technical model but … again…the best technique is the technique that suits you the best ! The document is a comparative slow motion video. Documents added 21-04-2020 Vid2 Trine HATTESTADT Vid 3 Mirella MANJANI 67,57m 2002

Simultaneous tech comparison Hattestadt vs Manjani