Jav 08 Comparison Steve BACKLEY vs Jan ZELEZNY

This is a video slow motion simultaneous comparison of the Hop and Delivery phases featuring the World record holder and certainly best ALL TIMES javelin thrower and his rival Englishman Steve BACKLEY who also hold several times the world record with a best of 91,42m (Achieved at Auckland Millenium in 1992) . Both throwers have quite different techniques with Backley obviously trying to use a more vertical plane . It shows than all the ways lead to Rome and to great performance so far that there is some thinking behind and adaptation to the athlete’s specificity. Documents added 14-04-2020 Video Backley 91,46m (1992 Auckland – I was there) ) – Video Zelezny 92,80m (Edmonton 2001)

Jan ZELEZNY Steve BACKLEY Simultaneous