Jav 11 PITKAMAKI Javelin experience by Hannu KANGA Kuuortane 2009

Hannu KANGAS has been the coach who helped Tero PITKAMAKI to access to Elite Level (PB 91,53m) . In this presentation at KUORTANE 2009 , he made a complete survey of the different aspects of the building of an elite javelin thrower (Sporting background , debuts, tests records at age 17-19, guidelines of the preparation , training programs, the journey to top of the world, test records at maturation , support team , training system, injuries) At the end of his career , PITKAMAKI has been coached by Jan ZELEZNY and produced more top class performances before retiring after LONDON 2012. Document Video added on 14-04-2020 Pitkamaki 88,71m throw

PITKAMAKI javelin experience by Hannu KANGAS