Jav 20 My favourite exercises part 1: Run up

Javelin exercises are especially numerous because of the diversity of the successive actions which make the throw . In the chronological order we shall have the running drills , the javelin setting drills , the Hop and Block drills , the delivery drills …in addition to what we shall also have the teaching drills , the specific conditioning drills including the specific flexibility drills etc… , The more exercises the coach knows and the better he will be able to deal with the situations he is going to face and have eventually at hand several possibilities and solutions in case of a problem.. Every coach has his own favorites exercises , that he has experimented successfully before . There are drills that everybody knows and uses , but there are others coming out of the fertile imagination of the coaches . We have selected a number of these exercises in the available documents of this chapter . There are others to be found in other places inside this blog

Run up exercises compilation