Jav 21 The technique of Seppo RATY

The Finn Seppo RATY has thrown the javelin in 1991 at 96,96m . But no luck for him , this throw has been removed from the world record list with the new 1986 norms rules. In fact , his javelin , like most of the implements at this rather crazy period where with Zelezny , Backley and Raty , the world record was broken nearly every week end . The improvements due to the ”rough tails” technology was ”escaping” the new rules which had been issued since Uwe HOHN got the crazy idea to throw his ”flying” javelot nearly at 105m , on the other side of the stadium ! With this 96,96m throw , the solid ”baby face ” Finn was nearly going as far and taking a clear advantage on his rivals. (even if finally Zelezny got the last word six years later with his actual world record throw of 98,48m , achieved with a perfectly ”legal” ”smooth” implement.,) . Nevertheless It would be very wrong to think that Seppo RATY had been only using the advantages and the special qualityies of the rough tailed javelins . In fact , he was a bloody good thrower with a very peculiar technique quite different from what Zelezny and Backley were doing. If one looks for a technical model about blocking and efficiency in the javelin throw , you don’t need to look anywhere else.. Available documents: 1-Tech4 PDF 11 pages Technical analysis and photo sequences -2-Vid1 Video pf the same throw -3-Vid2 Raty Göteborg slow motion-4-Vid3 Raty promotion video -5-Vid4 Raty 91,98m World record -6- Vid5 Raty 96,96m World record

Seppo RATY Javelin technique