Jav 26 Maria ANDREJCZYK 71.40m Documents and analysis

Maria is a Polish javelin thrower champion , belonging to the world elite since over 5 years and had a PB 67,11m already 5 years old . With a throw of 71,40 last Saturday at the throws world cup in SPLIT , she made an explosive and impressive come back achieving the 3rd best ever performance with the new model javelin , less than 1m short of the 72,28m world record by Barbara SPOTAKOVA . No need to say that she will be the top favorite of the event at the next TOKYO Olympics !!! This is just great javelin throwing : A perfect handling of the javelin in the different phases concluded with a hit ”into the point”. A progressive acceleration tempo in the approach run…extremely aggressive strides to lead into the hop impulse …A great transfer of the run up speed into the left side blocking and a great transfer of these forces into the chest to create tension before the arm strike. it look EASY …it looks SIMPLE …it looks FANTASTIC ….and it just NEEDS A LOT OF WORK !!!! Available documents : -1-Tech 1 PDF 6 pages technical analysis 71,40m throw -2-Vid 1 Video analysis with slow motion – freeze framing – key points (Adapted from original video document courtesy of Fred HUGENELL)

Maria ANDREJCZYK 71.40m tech analysis