Jav 31 Tokyo 2020 Top 12 women finalists

The big javelin competitions are quite often won at the first attempt (Remember Miklos NEMETH Breaking the world record in his 1st attempt at the Montreal Olympics ) …but thy are quite certainly lost at the last attempt. This is exactly what happened again with a first ”knock down” 66.34m throw achieved by the Chinesee Shiying LIU which was enough to build the pressure or even completely destabilise the 3 main favourites : The Pole ANDREJCZYK , the German HUSSONG and the American MALONE who had all PBs over this distance . HUSSONG et MALONE were completely blown out of their shoes and only the Polish girl did fight quite well until the last round to save a Silver medal that she richtly deserved . Behind the first 2 , the best of the 3 Australian girls who made the top 8 final (A great collective achievement) , Kelsey LEE BARBER , finally collected the Bronze in spite of the strong opposition of the 2nd Chinese Huihui LYU and of the Turk Eda TUGSUZ who was more and more menacing through the rounds . It was not an extraordinary competition as it seemed that some of the girls had also trouble with the poor quality of the track which was not holding firmly under the spikes. An absolute shame at this level of competition. Available documents : 1-Vid 1 Shiying LIU 66.34m-X-63.40m-X -2-Vid 2 Maria ANDREJCZYK 62.56m-64.61m-61.03m-63.62m-59.31m -3-Vid 3 Kelsey LEE BARBER 61.98m-63.69m -63.34m-64.04m 64.56m- -4-Vid 4 Eda TUGSUZ X-X-62.13m-62.17m-63.35m-64.00m- 5- Vid 5 Huihui LYU 62.83m-63.11m-63.41m-61.85m-59.54m-59.44m – -6- Vid 6 Kathryn MITCHELL 61.82m-61.66m-60.08m-X-X-X

There was a gap between the top 5 , fighting for the medals with throws over 63m and the 2nd p;art of the field where only one thrower made it over 60m. Not exactly what could be expected from some of the best throwers in the world. .Most of them being well under their PBs and usual performances . Was this also to blame to the track .Malone was down by over 7m by over 9m . Hussong by over 9m . Hitaguchi by 7m . Quite possible as the video do show a lot of unstable blocking. Nothing also to get especially excited with the technical level . Available documents : 1-Vid 1 7th Liveta JASIUNAITE 60.06m-58.66m-59.09m-55.64m-58.39m-X -2- Vid 2 8th Mackenzie LITTLE 59.96m-57.80m-55.47m-54.76m-54.94m-54.51m-3- Vid 3 9th Christin HUSSONG 59.94m-59.18m-59.61m -4- Vid 4 10th Maggie MALONE 53.88m-59.82m-58.88m -5- Vid 5 11th Madara PALAMEIKA X-54.30m-58.70m -6- Vid 6 12th Haruka KITAGUCHI 53.45m-X-55.42m

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