Jav 33 4 young girls comparison : B.Ackland – B.Tirado-K.Maritz -J.Esterhuizen

When you have the chance to coach several athletes in the same event , you can make interesting comparisons and adapt your coaching in consequence. But not everybody should throw the same way even when they have the same coach . Individual technique depends of course of some common basic principles but there may be some different bio mechanical choices depending on the specificity of the athlete (Size , strength , mental approach , individual strengths and weaknesses etc…) . So you can compare but you should not standardize even if the expert eye will always be able to detect the specific ”touch” of a coach compared to others. In this chapter we have 4 young girls of different performance levels with ages ranking from 13 to 17 years , performances from 26 to 46m and ”training age” from a few sessions to less than 2 years of ”soft” training (1 to 2 sessions a week) . If we can keep this group together for a while , it will be quite interesting to follow the individual developments in this blog. Available documents : 1-Tech PDF 6 pages Photo sequences technical comparison of 4 young javelin girls throwers –

4 young girls comparison Ackland Maritz Tirado Esterhuizen