Jav 37 Turku 2022 HELANDER 89.83m CHOPRA 89.30m

The international men’s javelin throw keeps booming . We cannot wait for the coming world championships in Eugene to see all these great throwers competing together and having a super competition. By the times going and the javelins flying , with 85m , you are not very likely to jump on a world podium ,more likely you will have to satisfy with a top 8 or a top 6 . One would be very smart or quite presumptuous to risk a prognosis. The last ”new young one” to tickle the symbolic , Oliver HELANDER , is a Finn (We had quite forgotten these guys these last seasons) .He has everything to please the ”purists” , morphology, technique , speed…(These last years the Finnish throwers were a bit too much ”bodybuilded”to my taste !) .With 89.83m , he has exploded his PB after coming back from injury . Then there are all the others, especially a certain Neeraj CHOPRA who has more than confirmed his TOKYO Olympic title , hunting records and for the 90m line at each of his competitions. 90m line which has already been reached by other contenders like Anderson PETERS . Jakub VADLEJCH , Keshorn WALCOTT and of course Johannes VETTER who has to revenge from his failure in TOKYO. All of them GREAT throwers , constantly producing great javelin throws ! Available documents s : 1- Vid 1 Meeting Turku 2022 global video -2-Vid 2 Oliver HELANDER 89.83m Video analysis -3-.Vid 3 Neeraj CHOPRA 89.30m video analysis .

Turku CHOPRA 89.30m PB Video analysis