Jav 42 Steve BACKLEY Specific conditioning and diverse

Steve BACKLEY has been one of the best javelin throwers of his generation and the main adversary of Jan ZELEZNY . His PB is 91.46m , which has been at the time the world record. He has won 4 European titles  (1990-1994-1998-2002) , 2 silver and 1 bronze OIympic medals and 2 world champs silver medals . But what we are interested in , in this chapter, is not only his technique but the document concerning his approach on the preparation of a javelin thrower. With his coach , John TROWER , he has published this exceptional video DVD which is to our view one of the best documents ever published on this matter and that we are presenting in this chapter.

Steve BACKLEY Conditioning 1
Steve BACKLEY conditioning 2
Steve BACKLEY conditioning 3