Sht 32 Glide Valerie ADAMS 19.65m come back

Dame Valerie ADAMS is certainly somebody out of norms . She may have a solid morphology but she certainly has before anything an incredible ability to fight to achieve her goals , compete and win . Her mental power is probably even stronger than her physical power. Now she has challenged herself not only to get qualified to the Tokyo Olympics (her 5th Olympics !!! ) but also to be a contender for the medals …and for the title (She has got already 2 gold and 1 silver medal !!!) . At 36 years of age and after having been mother of 2 children , she is back again and she more dedicated than ever . It seems that her decision to change again coach (she is now training with Dale STEVENSON , (Tom WALSH’s coach) has been also efficient . Her technique is nearly completely back . The opposition will be certainly strong and you will have to throw over 20m in Tokyo if you want to get on the podium. One thing is sure , you will also have first to beat Valerie ! Available documents : 1-Tech 4 PDF 9 pages commented photo sequence from the 19,65m throw . -2- Vid 1 Video analysis of the same throw. -3-Vid 2 simple video of 3 of Valerie’s throws in Waitakere 18,65m-19,65m-19,14m

Valerie ADAMS 19.65m technical analysis
Valerie ADAMS 19.65m video analysis