Jav 04 Conditioning sessions for javelin throwers

Conditioning a javelin thrower maybe the most difficult task for a coach (And for the athlete !) . Javelin throwers are the decathletes of the throwing events , they need to be strong , but not too strong , supple , fast , coordinated …and before anything they need to stay FRESH because they are the most likely to get injured with the high speeds they have to produce and deal with. A tired body is more likely to break. All this with the absolute necessity of being as close as possible from the right technique ,whatever the exercise is , because there too, the specificity of the implement will be a source of possible injuries , sometimes just for a few cm error ! And , cherry on the cake , not all javelin throwers are the same and what is good for one who will be able to deal quite well with heavy weights , will be completely catastrophic for another who is more a ”natural” thrower and need his specificity to be preserved. Therefore the best advice for the coach (and athlete) will be to be able to ”pilot by sight” and not be afraid to change something if some unexpected problem is arising . Training a javelin thrower is like driving a sport car full speed , it can be very exciting …but it is quite risky ! The document : Vid 1 is a video of a 10 stages session with very specific drills which is good to do anytime in the year but more especially in the pre competition period. Thanks again for the 2 athletes performing : Stephanie WRATHALL and ”Pip” CHARLESWORTH !

Specific conditioning session for a javelin thrower