People have often the tendency to copy the champion of the moment . For example that was the case at the time of Miklos NEMETH and every thrower was trying to turn his back to the direction of the throw , the everybody was trying to become a new ZELEZNY , the human whip and now we have entered a period of ”Vetterisation” and the javelin throwers are diving all over the places. This does not mean that one has to deny the past truths everytime that a new champion appears and seems successful. Indeed , before copying anything , one should better do first a bit of thinking  (and even more than a bit !)  to make sure that some ”novelty” that somebody is using with an appearance of success is well suited for any individual thrower. One must not be afraid to come back to the solid ground of simple technical points which have proved their efficiency , before going for sometime disappointing technical ”adventures” .

This is what we have tried to do in this chapter when getting back in time to the super ”classical” and without fancy tricks technique of Fatima WHITBREAD , one of the throwers who made the history of the women’s javelin throw. Truly , it was controversial times whose performances have been more or less ”deleted” or forgotten for reasons that are well known but however a good technique remains to be a good technique and a remarkable technique deserves to stay a MODEL !  . !

Available documents : 1-PDF 8 pages technical analysis using a photo sequence document published by IAAF -2-Video  65.82m throw from behind  -3-Video  world record throw 76.32m -4- (see on the French part  chapter Jvt 65 ) Comments from a training camp in  Auckland 1993  and training programme of Fatima WHITBREAD

Whitbread technical model