Jav 05 Julius YEGO 91.58m Technical analysis

The Kenyan thrower is really somebody apart on the javelin world scene. He first teached himself by watching U tube videos and was able to throw 78,34m , a national record in a country who does not care much about javelin throwers. Then he could go to Finland and get proper coaching . He broke the 80m in 2012, the 85m in 2013 and the 90m in 2015 with a 91,39m throw (our document analysis) then won the World champs the same year with 92,72m and got the silver at the Rio 2016 Olympics. His technique is quite interesting to analyze . He is obviously a ”strong” thrower and many people will ask questions as when watching from the back , it is obvious that there is quite an important lateral offset on the right in his delivery . In fact there is quite a number of throwers doing that (Zelezny -Obergfoll etc…) when other throwers and coaches are looking for a more vertical delivery plan. But, thinking of it , maybe everybody is somewhere right as what is really important is to get a straight line from the left foot to the right hand and it does not matter much if this line is not close to vertical. Again the specificity of the athlete will decide . BUT , BUT ,BUT , and especially with beginners it is very risky to teach an inclined delivery as it is very likely to turn into a side delivery with a low elbow …and a very bad injury ! The documents are a video analysis plus a PDF photo sequence analysis.

Julius YEGO 91.58m technical analysis
Julius YEGO 91.58m Video analysis