Jav 17 Kim AMB 86.49m technical analysis

The Swedish javelin thrower is not exactly a beginner . He is 30y old and has been throwing over 80m since 8 years . But he is always around there between those who try to make it in the top 8 in the main championships (8th in world champs Doha 2019) . In the beginning of this Covid season he has even succeeded to break his PB another time with a 86,49m throw. Still far behind the very best , indeed , but the Swedish guy has 2 particularities : He is quite small (1,77m) and he is using the diving recovery technique pioneered by Al CANTELLO . A size and technique which remind us of the French Michel BUTET in his time. And Kim AMB does that quite well with obviously some solid wrists ! There are some sensible technical differences in the positioning of the ”divers” in comparison with the ”blockers” and the following documents will show just that. At the end of the day (and of the throw !) the ”diving” technique seems to be more a ”REBOUNDING” technique which appears to fit quite well with the qualities of extremely explosive and reactive , relatively small , throwers (But some tall ones like PITKAMAKI have used it successfully) . Available documents : 1-Tech4 : PDF 7 pages technical analysis with a double photo sequence from 2 different angles of the PB 86,49m throw -2-Vid1 video analysis of the same throw from behind -3-Vid2 AVideo Analysis of the same throw from front and right-4-Vid3 Video from the same throw from the left

Kim AMB 86.49m technical analysis
Kim AMB 86.49m video analysis front side
Kim AMB 86.49m video analysis behind
Kim AMB 86.49m Original video from right