Jav 19 Johannes VETTER 91.49m technical analysis

Johannes VETTER is a MARVELLOUS JAVELIN THROWER ! He has the speed , he has the morphology , he has the strength , he has the typical aggressiveness of the great champions of this event , he has a superb technique , a great feeling and control of his implement , an incredible shoulder …. There is still this question with the delivery which stays open , but this is where champions and their coaches have sometimes to make difficult choices … we have used 3 video documents published on the web to make this technical analysis which will be a great document for all javelin lovers. Available documents are : 1-PDF 8 pages commented photo sequences made out of the 91,49m videos -2-Vid1 Video Analysis same throw from front – side and behind with slow mo and frame freezing. -3-Vid2 Vetter in Lzern 2017 91,06m – 93,06m – 94,44m 2nd best ever world performance

Johannes VETTER 91.49m technical Analysis
Johannes VETTER 91.49m Video analysis