Jav 38 Topi PARVIAINEN 84.52m European U18 record

Excellence knows no age , especially when the javelin throw more or less belongs to the family menu with plenty of”Finnish sauce”. The last ”little one” at the PARVIAINEN’s has made himself a firstname (his uncle , Aki PARVIAINEN , is not less than the 1999 world champion and , with a 93.09m PB , still belongs to the very best world all time throwers !) , by winning the European U18 championship with a huge 84.52m throw ! . Cheery on the cake , this is also the new European U18 record ! (The world record is 89.34m by Brian TOLEDO (arg) and the French record is 79,65m by Joachim KITEAU when he was the 1st World U18 champion in 1999. Before the European champ Topi’s PB was ”only” 75.37m (So he improved by over 9m !!! And when one looks at the video , there was quite a large margin left . (1 to 2m). Born in 2006 and not having yet turned 16 the young Finn will still be throwing the 700g next year and this could well lead to some more damages in the records ! Available documents : 1-Vid 1 (Members) PARVIAINEN 84,52m throw video analysis -2-Tech 4 (members) PARVIANEN 84.52m technical analysis with commented photo sequencing -3-Vid 2 (visitors) Original TV pictures Topi PARVIAINEN 84.52m

Topi PARVIAINEN 84.52m Tech analysis
Topi PARVIAINEN 84.52m Video analysis