Jav 43 My favourite exercises part 3 : The strike !

Of course , everybody wants to hit hard into the javelin , and it is usually the main thing that many throwers (And coaches) have in mind . But hitting hard without the minimum of control and technique can be one of the most deceptive and dangerous things to do in the javelin throw . Therefore it is highly recommended to have a progression of different ”safe” exercises and to be TECHNICALLY very strict on the proper posture and throwing path. There are a lot of implements that you can hit with (Balls of different weights , Clubs of different weights and lengths , Sand bag , Med ball one or 2 handed , flags , axes etc…etc…) . You can also do combinations of diverses implements with the javelin itself in the same set of throws . One important question is left : HOW MANY THROWS in a set or in a session ? As javelin throwers are more ”explosive” throwers than their colleagues from other throwing event and with too many throws , the fatigue will rise and the danger of bad technique , bad throw and bad injury will increase. It is up to the coaches and athletes to know the limit and to stay inside the guideline : ”Quality is better than quantity” . Of course all these throws will be done with variable intensities depending on what the exercise requiers or allow. So ”throwing” or so called ”technical” sessions will certainly not consists to throw javelins or any objects like a machine gun, but will need a bit of thinking to combine exercises , implements , rest periods , imitations , intensities  , approach speeds , repetitions etc…Depending on the benefits we want the javelin thrower to get . Also all throwing session must have a link together with some sort of progression depending on how the athlete , adapt or develop.

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