Coach 07 IAAF Introduction to coaching book by Peter THOMPSON

As a IAAF lecturer and material producer for the throwing events during many years , I have been seriously involved with the IAAF coaches education and certification system all over the world and inside the narrow staff of people (Among them Ralph MOUCHBAHANI – Fletcher Mc EWEN , Wolfgang RITZDORF , Oscar GADEA , Loren SEAGRAVE , Pete TANCREDE etc…trying to produce and improve the material for the different formation levels (Levels I , II, III, IV and Academy) under the direction of Elio LOCATELLI or Gûnther LANGE . Peter THOMPSON was a designed expert for the coaching theory . He produced most of the content of this book , among other documents , and this book was a most precious help for all the lecturers . It is CLEAR , it is SIMPLE , it is EXTENSIVE and it is the necessary ground knowledge for any would become coach and still a solid reference even to experts. So I highly recommend the 228 pages of these document to the members of this blog . Available document : 1-IAAF Coaches education and certification system ; Introduction to coaching by Peter THOMPSON Main chapters : 1-Developing a coaching philosophy – 2-developing the skills of coaching – 3-Developing the athlete -4-Developing physical fitness -5-Developing a planned approach to training -6-developing technical skills -7-Developing mental skills -8-Developing a safe environment -9-Developing a healthy diet.

Introduction to coaching IAAF reference book