Coach 21 HEART to HEART from the coach by Didier POPPE

This is a serie of four 15 minutes movies made after the book ”Heart to heart from the coach” (Editor Exlibris) . Coaching is not only about transmitting techniques or preparing athletes and teams . It is much more than that and nobody can be a good coach without building his own philosophy on life and people, especially after years of experience. When you want people to do their best , you have to give your best. Humans are humans , not machines that you can adjust with a few turns of a screwdriver. There are also things that coaches have to swallow and keep for themselves for fear of being too hard , rude or wrong , but these things accumulate and one day they have to get out…and here they are ! Documents 1: Vid1 Heart to heart 1st part – 2: Vid2 Heart to heart 2nd part 2  Vid3 ; Heart to heart part 3 – 4-Vid4 Heart to heart part 4. I do hope you will love and share the spirit behind this coaching philosophy. Note ; All 4 movies begin with the same 3 slides and can be seen separately.

Heart to heart from the coach part 1