Coach 26 The ”HINGE” exercises or the difficult transition from the standing to the full throws

The standing throws are working a bit like the AESOP’s tongue, they can be good and they can be bad . It is quite logical and practical to use them in the learning period or when you need to work on a specific point in the delivery for example. But it can become an obstacle when you want to throw REALLY , that means , with a full approach . To throw , whatever which implement is to create speeds and use them to transfer them into an implement . Then for this , it is about using and coordinate the actions of different parts of the body.

The 3 phases of the throws learning are :

1-Control the implement   2-Control the thrower body   3-Control the speeds

In short , you should learn how to throw like you learn how to drive . not by staying in the parking spot and study the controls , the pedals when turning the driving wheel in all the directions , but driving progressively and cautiously , managing the accelerations and the brake forces …when staying on the road !

Everybody has always started to throw standing , let’s recognize it , but one must admit that there is a more or less long period where we are not even over to throw further with a full throw than using a standing throw. This is frustrating , especially when it persists . There are more efficient approaches to help turn this corner and which comply with the ESSENTIAL fact that a standing throw is not at all the same thing , technically , than a full momentum throw . One does not do the same actions and in the same order and with different parts of the body. Therefore the confusion when you want to move from one to the other.

The hinge exercises that we are proposing in this document have for purpose to build gateways to cross this gap and give tools and solutions for other , more efficient , teaching concepts , based on the progressive management of speeds and forces transfers.

Available documents  1-PDF 40 pages The hinge exercices for the throwing events . 2-Vid 1 Hinge exercises for the discus and rotational shot put compilation…. 3-Vid 2 Hinge exercises linear shot put compilation …4-Vid 3 Hinge exercises Hammer compilation …5-vid 4 Hinge exercises Javelin compilation …More Exercises videos are  on the making.

The hinge exercises for the throwing events
Hinge exercises Discus Rot Shot compilation
Hinge exercises Linear Shot put compilation
Hinge exercises Hammer compilation
Hinge exercises Javelin compilation