I met once Malcolm FENTON …and I did immediately knew that this guy was going to be a friend . We were following the same road leading to the same moment where the philosophy of coaching takes over on the RESULTS of coaching . As a young coach , you want to succeed and you want your athletes to succeed , beat the other coaches’s athletes , break records , win medals , be famous . And of course , because you are working hard , improving your knowledge and your coaching , you become a more or less successful coach , eventually famous .

But for many this is not anymore their goal … it is just another record , just another medal . Not really a ”routine” but some sort of ”déjà vu” ! In fact our coaching has moved higher than the position of the little finger and the bio mechanic of such or such a movement . As high as where the brain is ! Where so many experiences and knowledge are not only stored but interact into building a coaching philosophy closely related with life philosophy and understanding of people  . This is where Malcom FENTON has arrived and this is why we have to read this little document . ”Food for thought” , that can be a good complement to ”heart to heart from the coach ” that you will find elsewhere in this web site.

Food for Thought Malcolm FENTON