Coach 15 Conditioning : general conditioning exercises by Nils POPPE

I am lucky to have a grand son and that this grand son is passionate about conditioning. He is in the moment a physical education student at the Nice sport university and I feel sorry for his teachers as there is nobody more obstinate and argumentative as this guy. (One could guess where this does come from) . And as the new generation , very logically , does not dream about anything else than contradict the older one , the debates between us are hot and usually end without winner and loser, each one having learn something from the other. He is not Throws events oriented , but his favorite sport , MMA , is not without similarities with the throws concerning the search for hitting power. Here is a video that he made himself which shows quite well some of his favorite exercises and combinations. Of course one can pick the differences concerning the execution and repetitions but there are obviously things and ideas which are interesting. Out of that , it’s him who nearly ”forced” me to create this blog then …let’s hope that he will produce more videos like this one