Dsc 06Technical comparison PARKINSON vs BELL Nov 2017

Alexander PARKINSON , Born 1994 , 2,03m 125kg , PB 60,86m 2kg 2020 and Connor BELL , Born 2001 , 1,92m , 110kg , PB 63,25m 2kg 67,40m 1,75kg are certainly different sorts of discus throwers . out of their morphology and 7 years age gap, they have had a different career . PARKINSON was rather a slow developer , struggling to use his body properly and meanwhile BELL was progressing super fast to become in 4 years the best discus thrower in the country and the best young thrower in the world. They also share similarities with both starting their career and development with D.POPPE and then training now with Mike SCHOFIELD who successfully took over DP elite group. Therefore it is not surprising to find also similarities in their technical approach on what concerns the postural work and the concept of the throw. But they also have to play their own game with their own cards . Parkinson looking more for range and BELL looking more for speed . As said in the document : ”the individual technique is a compromise between the individual maximal range and the individual maximal speed ” . The document is targeted to advanced coaches and throwers with guided observations . There is a 7 pages PDF comparative analysis , plus the original videos of the throws with slow motion and free framing . Vid1 is Connor BELL Vid2 is Alexander PARKINSON.